hmm … yeah … wow … ok … A nondual fly on the wall

I love how nondualism sneaks into the middle of this post, this life. This is a peek at a nondual perspective, a small bubbling up, a seed of nondualism planted in the legal profession. Reading this, I feel like a nondual fly on a wall.


Monday, January 4, 2010

And so it begins…

Day One:

BarBri: Temple Mason’s Lodge #6 at 8:30am. Check in. Give hugs to familiar faces. Pick up my stack of outlines. These outlines are to facilitate note-taking while listening to lectures – very cool. These outlines and notes will supplement the ten, very dense, books stacked in my house. All of that will supplement Barry’s Bar cards, purchased and installed last night. Today, I was made more familiar with the various parts of the bar exam. 2/23, day one will comprise of three hours allotted for six essay questions (30 min per question) from twelve state-specific subject areas, plus the six MBE subject areas (18 total subjects for the exam writers to choose from), then the final three hours are given to two Multistate Performance questions, 90 minutes each. 2/24, day two will comprise of two three hour sessions to complete 100 questions per session. That’s 1:48 per question. Connect with my fellow Bar exam-takers and establish community. Community is vital and a group of us decide to have lunch once a week. Calendar all classes, subjects, proctored practice exams, and various must-haves in my life. I just happen to be at one of two dropping off places in working a program and I won’t allow myself to fall apart now, not after ALL the work I’ve done and continue to do. i.e., I Skype weekly with a helpful person and that time slot is definitely calendared. It has to be or I die. Oh! I shared with her my thoughts on non-dualism and how I thought she would have been upset with me for dedicating time and neurons to a more spiritually advanced topic when I should be sitting with my written work, but she just laughed and remembered that tomorrow is my 90 days in another program. Okay, bar exam, then accepted help where it was offered, from a member of the Inn of Court who is also on the Board. She is sending their recommended study outline, but you have to ask for it because it’s not online and no one ever alludes to it. I just happened to jokingly ask her at the last Inn if she would give me a hint about where to focus and she said, ‘I’ve actually just picked all the questions for February.’ Oh my God. I was looking at a woman who knows the questions for 1/3 of my exam grade. Anyway, she told me about the outline. Then, drop a hundred at Trader Joe’s to stock up in the hopes that I won’t have to fret so much about healthy food & vitamins. Burn some CDs for happiness, cook up a shrimp lo mein (straight out of a bag!), and tape up the few simple rules I need to always remember throughout: Let Go, Let God; Easy Does It; First Things First; Stick to the course outline; Read less/ Practice more; Use the tools you’ve been given; Move & groove your body; You matter and You are doing it!

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