Avatar, reviewed by Pradheep Chhalliyil


A movie review by Pradheep Chhalliyil

“Our Great Mother does not take sides.

She protects only the balance of life.

She comes to him, intertwining her long fingers with his”.

The above are the golden words spoken by NEYTIRI, in the magnificent celluloid by James Cameron. These words winnow out the chaff that cover the spiritual message of all the religions. Ignorance of this fundamental Truth by all religions is the cause for all religious wars and corporate greediness wiping out wisdom-rich primitive societies of the world. Internally Individuals also dis-connect their spirit from the Cosmic spirit (Nature) lacking this understanding.

Religious wars are fought ironically by both the groups with a fanatic belief that they are fighting for their “God” without the knowledge that God does not take both the sides. Nature is interested only in protecting “Dharma” the balance of life. This is why like when Tsunami happened (like shown in Cameroon’s movie Abyss“), all beings were washed without the bias of species, race or gender or religious background. Nature is only interested in protecting the balance of life. This is the law of karma.

Similarly, through our prayers, when most of our desired wishes do not get fulfilled, out of frustration we do not hesitate to change sides by getting converted into another religious group. This is due to our ignorance that Nature does not cater much to the individual’s carnal desires, but provide opportunities to strengthen the inner power of the individual. This continues till the individuality dissolves to a Universal Cosmic identity. This is how the life-style and laws of life was formulated by all primitive or native societies. Modern corporate societies have adopted the stressful life style of paying attention only in fulfilling carnal desires and hence have far moved from the “Spiritual” nature. There is nothing bad in fulfilling materialistic desire with Conscious-Awareness of our “True Spiritual Nature”.

By the greed for material wealth we have destroyed not externally the native cultures, but inferentially, our own inner Soul-culture. Instead of being connected like the cells in the human body we are cancerous nuclear cells threatening the existence of the our existence.

As Jake says

” Sooner or later though, you always have to wake up…”

Symbolic of Avatar: We are not aware that our real body , the “Consciousness” is activating our bodies on Earth. Only in deep sleep we forget our Avatar” body on Earth. This is why sleep is blissful for everyone, when we refresh our “True Being”. With this Avatar Body we can bring reality by integrating with Nature, but instead we are being mere “corporate” (bodily) and so function as Egoistic beings.

“Everything is backwards now. Like out there is the true world,

and in here is the dream”.

Like Matrix, the Avatar body of Jake undergoes a birth and growth shown as …

…Blood circulating through a synthetic UMBILICAL in the abdomen. As the figure turns in the amniotic fluid, we see that it has a lemur-like TAIL. The skin is cyan-blue…

Blueness is the color of Vishnu, the symbolic expression of the protector aspect of Nature (Consciousness) in Vedic Spiritual tradition. The whole creation of Universe bangs out from Vishnu’s cosmic slumber as shown as…

…Jake’s eyes moving under the lids, like a dreamer in REM sleep …

Though the name and the theme of the movie is from the Vedic Spiritual tradition, the director protects the sentiments of other religions by making the characters utter words like “Jesus” and naming the Hallelujah Mountains. He beautifully intertwines the spiritual message of primitive cultures of the Native Indians, Aboriginals and world Spiritual traditions into one Universal spiritual theme of the movie, because all Spiritual traditions speak the same Truth.

In all spiritual traditions, there is a concept of “Second birth” or “Enlightenment”, through a Shamanic ritual. NeiTri smears the white paste over Jake’s body. This ritual externally activates in the Inner Energy.

They see a network of energy that flows through all living things. They know that

all energy is only borrowed– JAKE (V.O.)

— and one day you have to give it back.

The movie tries to project this Universal spiritual message hidden in symbolic messages, may be not to the extent of the Matrix movies. Still Avatar with its overwhelming artistic and stunning entertaining visuals in 3D, successfully delivers the message to the audience.

Highlight of the movie:
In all movies we wish a happy ending when Human Beings win the war over aliens. Only in Avatar, we wish for the defeat of Human beings and pray finally triumph over the victory of Nu vi’s. We forget we are Human Beings and identify with Nu vis, because our real “Self” is not the Human body. We are all only Avatars , which in Sanskrit means incarnate (in carnal body form). This is the success of James Cameroon’s Avatar. It has kindled and reminded us not of our corporeal-human nature but the Inter-connecting (all pervading) Divinity of our “Being”

Let us continue to maintain that Conscious-Awareness eternally in living our life on Earth.

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–Pradheep Chhalliyil

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