Vicki Woodyard: No Shit

Vicki Woodyard is called to talk about the dark side of her life, the deaths of her young daughter and her husband’s succumbing to multiple myeloma. She says,

“The dark night of the soul is slap-up against the treasure and my life has been about that. I am called to write and speak about the darkness and the light and they always go together and there’s always a punchline to the darkest hour.”

Listen about a broken heart, a broken life, a broken mind, and its sharing:


Vicki’s home page.

One thought on “Vicki Woodyard: No Shit

  1. Tommy Tiger

    Thanks for sharing such a deep heart wrenching Story so graphically, honestly. As I know as well as you the Ego likes to keep us Monkey Minds distracted with nice shiny objects and pretty facades I am completing about a 50 year stint of the dark night, the most intense the last 8 years, in which i read over 2,000 esoteric books mainly to keep myself from my intense excruciating suffering Jed Mekenna’s trilogy were a lifelife As well as tolstoy etc. but a course in miracles has presented itself to me as amazing technology that brings it all into completion The course not it’s organization Thanks Tom


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