What is the Utility of Nonduality? Scott Kiloby Responds.

The following exchange is from the Open Awareness Study Group

From Jim:

One thing I keep wondering – is there any utility in non-dual awareness? I don’t mean you only seek this in hopes of suddenly getting checks in the mail, a la The Secret ;’) I realize that awareness is the primary goal, but are there any other fruits from that tree?

It’s a tough world and there are many harsh things to deal with. Indigenes are still being slaughtered for their resources. Haitians starve. And here, more and more are going homeless due to the economy.

In your experience, does nonduality provide any emotional or ideational advantage in dealing with the world? That is, can you deal better with emotions that naturally arise during harsh events? Do you get better ideas or see opportunities, or perhaps, chance on to better coincidences than before?

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