Rumi, Coleman Barks, on PBS

Bruce Morgen writes:

I have made the brief PBS biography of the great universal mystic poet and Sufi role model available via BitTorrent — I found it informative and inspiring. Among those appearing is none other than the prolific Rumi translator himself, Coleman Barks:

You’ll need to download and
install a BitTorrent client — I
recommend “uTorrent.” When
you’ve gotten the client working,
just use it to open the attached
file and everything else will
happen automagically. The
Wikipedia article on BitTorrent
is pretty good if you want to
learn more. They also have a
decent article on uTorrent

Here’s the uTorrent download

and an alternative web link if
you’re uncomfortable opening up
attachments (and because
attachments probably won’t go
through to the group):

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