Eckhart Tolle on The Dark Night of The Soul

Chris Hebard writes…

Eckhart Tolle on The Dark Night of The Soul

I came to know of Eckhart Tolle through his powerful book, The Power of Now. I had stumbled onto the book in profound disorientation resulting from a momentary and overwhelming “glimpse”, which had left me disoriented and absolutely clueless any longer as to what or who “I” was.

It was actually quite a frightening period for me. Many days, I wondered if i should be hospitalized.

I was shocked to read Tolle’s account of an almost identical experience. It was this revelation that gave me hope and ultimately, fueled my obsession regarding the pursuit of understanding of what had occurred. In this case, knowledge followed experience, not the other way round.

Last summer, we were invited to a very intimate setting in Santa Barabara for a week with Eckhart Tolle. During this time, the entire session was filmed for Eckhart Tolle TV. A short dialogue between us was captured; frankly, it still deeply touches me.

Enjoy this gentle and clear dialogue where Eckhart discusses the impersonal sense of awareness in his friendly, accessible way. If you find these well produced, video dialogues with Eckhart Tolle enjoyable, discover more about Eckhart Tolle TV by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle on The Dark Night of The Soul

  1. don

    Good post. Tolle really hit the nail on the head and wasn’t joking that your own mind can indeed drive you crazy.

    peace out,



  2. ramesam

    Aha, Have noticed Echart narrating the difference in life after “……”!

    The clustered single room sharing the bath-toilet with 8-9 others, the vexatious waiting for the Loo, the corner stove for cooking and all the annoying things turned Pleasant! An otherwise what one would call “avoidable” life style turned ‘tolerable and pleasant’.

    Is this not a ‘coping mechansim’ then for despicable life situations?

    I do not mean to deny “Awareness” or Oneness of Brahman etc. etc.

    But is there something beyond?


  3. bclifecoach

    It is difficult when you are “stuck” in a negative thought pattern you identify as “me”. As we grow in awareness, we learn these patterns can be let go of, and the ego fade as presence grows.


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