I Don’t Get GMail, Facebook, or Yoga Exercises

I spent about an hour at the Coalescence Day activities in Halifax, Nova Scotia today. James Traverse and Maryse Thuot are leading it. You can’t say too many good things about those people. I love them.

James conducted a teaching on Yoga and nonduality that was crystal clear and impeccable. He got 60 people in Halifax to easily understand nonduality.

I love the teaching of Yoga, especially how James and Maryse and Mandee Moon present it: each one differently!

But what I don’t get about Yoga is the exercises. I either can’t do them or they make me lightheaded. I don’t get the exercises.

I also don’t get G-Mail or Facebook.

Twitter I sort of get.

A blog I get.

I also get an email forum and a website and eating pastrami once in a while.

What don’t you get? And what do you get? (Please don’t list everything, because I wouldn’t get that.)

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Get GMail, Facebook, or Yoga Exercises

  1. Vicki Woodyard

    I get renting movies but not going to them. I get chocolate but not sharing it.
    I get spring but not winter. I get reality but not too much of it. I get moonlight but not sonatas. I get cucumbers but not beets. I get the newspaper but not books on tape. I get bored but not catatonic. I get dogs but not cats. I get simplicity but not shabbiness. I get cable but not the cable guy. I get depressed but not suicidal. I get Leonard Cohen but not Yanni. I get Letterman but not Leno. I get headaches but not migraines. I get the point but not always. I get lost but not found. I have never seen my picture on a flyer on a telephone pole.


  2. Jerry Post author

    I wouldn’t dare say I don’t get Leonard Cohen. I got a spiritual reputation happening over here. Come on.

    I prefer Leno.

    I’ve suffered migraines for years up to age 32, and I can tell you they are worse than kidney stones and gall stones, which I’ve also enjoyed. At least with kidney stones you can kibbitz a little about how horrible you feel and can get yourself to the ER. With migraines you can’t do anything.

    And, believe me, at the end of the day it’s all about kibbitzing.


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