A Tip for Publishing Your Nonduality Book

A prospective publisher or literary agent will usually ask whether your book is original. Here’s a way to approach that question:

To a vast audience, yes, your book is probably original. To a specific nonduality audience it’s probably less original.

The audience for nonduality books is layered like an onion. There is the “very hard core nonduality” layer , the “hard core,” the medium core, the soft core layer, etc.

I’m not going to give examples of each layer, but if you’re writing a book on nonduality I’m sure you have your own impressions. You can define each layer by the kinds of books, media, personalities, and lifestyles with which it is identified.

Your book will sell throughout all those layers, but the huge audience is outside the onion altogether, drawing its fumes.

Envision your audience and determine the degree of originality of your book for each layer and within the atmosphere of the fumes. (I hope you don’t hate onions.) Then communicate to the publisher a picture of the originality of your book. Show where and how your book fills a niche.

As part of a marketing plan, also show how you will enter each layer and hustle your book.

-Jerry Katz

One thought on “A Tip for Publishing Your Nonduality Book

  1. seeingwhatis

    Hi. I am looking for a publisher. The thing is – the term “non-duality” is non-existing in Sweden where I live. It’s impossible to explain to Swedish traditional publishers that this is not new-age but actually pure logic and at least as scientific as philosophy (well one important step beyond philosophy).
    Could you tell me about a serious publishing firm in this genre. Or two… 🙂
    Thank you -Joakim


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