Paradoxica: Nondual Psychology – Psychotherapy Conference in Alberta, Canada

I have heard from Will Joel Friedman and Gary Nixon about what looks to be a great nonduality conference happening in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, June 17-18, 2010.

The links will take you to a fine website with clear, detailed descriptions of the proposed talks as well as the contents of Volume #1 of Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology.

Here is their announcement of the Conference:

2010 Paradoxica Nondual Psychology Conference

EXCITING NEWS: Announcing the first nondual psychology & psychotherapy conference in Canada.

The Paradoxica Institute is hosting the Nondual Psychology (and Beyond) Conference, June 17-18, 2010 at the University of Lethbridge in beautiful Lethbridge Alberta nestled in the coulees, and close to the Waterton Mountains.

We want this to be a dynamic and transformational conference including powerful and insightful clinical workshops in addition to ground breaking presentations and energizing workshops.

Join in June’s festivities as we celebrate and embrace the flowering of Nothingness together!

Full Program & Registration:

Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology:

Main Website:

One thought on “Paradoxica: Nondual Psychology – Psychotherapy Conference in Alberta, Canada

  1. Calgary Psychology

    For me, Gary Nixon, Ph.D was an excellent speaker and conference really helped me as well as the attendees understood the art of letting and acceptance of absolute hopelessness. There were actually a lot of great psychologist present. All I could that the event was truly amazing.


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