William Yenner & Jody Radzik on Andrew Cohen

Jody Radzik writes in Guruphiliac:

Cohen Leaves Lenox For A Less Spoiled Pasture

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

Apparently, some folks in Lenox, MA are pissed off that Andrew Cohen is shipping out with his EnlightenNext org, and they’ve got fingers pointed at American Guru author William Yenner. But based on Yenner’s 13-year sojourn as an inner-circle member, Cohen has no business teaching nondual realization at all:

During my 13 years with Andrew Cohen, as a member of his inner circle of students, manager of Foxhollow, and a member of the Board of Directors, I was witness to countless instances of abusive behavior toward students on a regular basis. The strategy at EnlightenNext has always been to “destroy the ego”, believing it to be the main obstacle to spiritual “evolution”. Andrew’s tactics are largely based on ever increasing levels of demands and psychological pressure on the “ego”, which is often how the abuse results. I have witnessed such treatment escalate in some cases to emotional, financial and even physical abuse. In far too many cases students were coerced to behave in ways that violated their own dignity, privacy and good sense, all in the belief that only a self-limiting ego would resist their guru’s instruction.

Can you say ego-fixation? And that whole idea of destroying the ego is so 2000 and late.

Not that it’s going to stop everyone from going. Cohen has rendered himself a star, and there will always be folks who want to catch some of that “shine.” His being an asshole isn’t likely to hobble his appeal to that reflex. In fact, it’s just as likely to enhance it with some folks.

Labels: Gurubusting, The Siddhi of PR

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