Nondual Verses

Verses from the free online book, The Wild Song of Standing Free.

8. I AM I AM AND I AM I AM. It is the one occurrence.

9. There are no ports and there is no sea. There are no implements of enlightenment and no stages of enlightenment, and there is no enlightenment. How can this be said? It is said.

10. Umba is neither the man nor the mantra. Umba is the atmosphere pervading Umba; the atmosphere in which there is Standing Free and which is not separate from Standing Free.

11. How can there be I AM? How can there be failure to grasp “I AM”? How can there be the world, this world, world or worlds on end?

12. The Absolute is that atmosphere, pure, unknowing and all-knowing, without a division.

13. Not air, not water, not fire, not earth, no thing contains consciousness. There is no location of consciousness.

14. Consciousness pervades consciousness.

15. There is no mind. How can there be concentration? The mind has fallen through the mind. Attention has been consumed by attention.

16. I am the Absolute, consumed in I Am. Not by analysis, not by transcendence, not by mutability does matter yield to the Absolute; there is no analysis, no transcendence, no mutability; no mind; there is nothing done, nor is there refraining from doing; there is no interaction between the mind and matter; there is neither mind nor matter. There is Grace. The Absolute. Truth. No division. I am The One Standing Free.

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