Nonduality of Mind and Body: Dr. Gabor Mate

I found this video at Cafe’ Zen.

On Democracy Now! Amy Goodman, one of the top Canadian interviewers on radio and TV, interviews Dr. Gabor Mate. He talks about the role of stress in disease and how Western medicine comes up with scientific studies clearly showing the relationship between stress and disease — a connection known for thousands of years by healers in China, India, and tribal cultures — and at the same time ignores those findings when it comes to treatment.

Dr. Mate says the body has ways of saying “No” which are manifested as disorders and diseases. They are ways of protecting your boundaries. He says to pay attention to what your body is saying “No” to and investigate how to live your life with the proper boundaries in place which will, he says, be more likely to assure immunological boundaries.

He notes that people who repress anger and who are pleasers, people who can’t say no, are compromising their immune systems and are more likely to suffer illnesses. He gives examples and more revelations in the videos:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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