Biological Non-Dualism of Michael D. Morrow

Michael D. Morrow is a fascinating guy because he has been in the nonduality game since the 70s and has kept a very low profile. I never heard of him until a year ago, or so. We have since exchanged several emails and I know him as dedicated to the teaching of nonduality as a student, sage, and teacher.

Non-Dualism: A New Experiment in Living, by Michael D. Morrow.

Modern humans are currently searching desperately for a new model of understanding that will unite science, philosophy, education and the arts. We are making grand leaps in the sciences in terms of understanding the complex systems of life, known as “dynamical systems”, “complexity theory”, etc.

Science is also looking at “string theory” that is trying to find an underlying unity to all living systems. Movements such as ‘sustainability’ are looking into sane ways to live on this earth in a balanced way.

In philosophy, the ‘perennial philosophies’ have come to be more fully understood and they are also searching for a unification of all philosophies of life.

To date, we do not have a comprehensive model or set of models that combine the interior and exterior of complex living systems.

This book is revealing one such model, ‘biological non-dualism’, that combines the best of science, philosophy, and education – although it will just be a beginning ‘blueprint.’ This process combines biology and ecology with a deep understanding of ‘depth metaphysics.’

If correctly understood this could help revolutionize modern thought and bring deep healing to the individual, the society and the globe at large. This is not the only new model to appear, but it will certainly be one of the most important, if carefully studied with an open mind and heart.

Available at,, Barnes and Noble. The book may also be purchased in either hard copy or as an e-book for immediate download from the publisher, Bookstand Publishing.

Read Michael D. Morrow’s blog on Nondual Studies.

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