Nonduality proved in the laboratory

One of the descriptions of nonduality says that things appear to be highly individualistic while, at the same time, being non-separate. That is, things are separate and non-separate at the same time.

Quantum physics has now demonstrated this paradox…

And it’s all because of a tiny bit of metal — a “paddle” about the width of a human hair, an item that is incredibly small but still something you can see with the naked eye.

UC Santa Barbara’s Andrew Cleland cooled that paddle in a refrigerator, dimmed the lights and, under a special bell jar, sucked out all the air to eliminate vibrations. He then plucked it like a tuning fork and noted that it moved and stood still at the same time.

Read the entire article.

The experiment puts to rest Lao Tzu’s claim that “those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know.” Or at least it requires re-interpretation of what Lao Tzu said. Turns out you can do both at the same time. Understanding that things both move and remain still, can help in understanding nonduality, religion, and metaphysics, which is to say that it can help you understand yourself: “Who am I?” or “What am I?”

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