Why was I told we can’t grasp nonduality?

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Why was I told we can’t grasp non duality?
For the last couple of years the concept of duality has been undermined in my mind. Perhaps by the grace of God the true nature of things is being revealed to us. I mentioned this to my friend who told me to stop thinking about non duality since humans are not capable of understanding it. Is he right?

Two Answers:

your friend is very wrong…..

Had it not been for the breath of life, there would be no understanding… no reasoning.. no movement… no goals…. no purpose…..

Humanity is certainly capable of understanding……

But, duality is necessary!! Even with God……

The spirit (from man = sperma “the living thing”) and the body (from woman = the shell “the empty thing”) must meet to become whole…..

without one or the other, there is no life…….

Duality is necessary….. without duality, there is no whole…..

Someone once asked:

what is:

I say, it is whole….. 1 is only half of the whole picture…. once the other 1 is present, then the two can be whole…..

Once together, they create a whole life……

Without duality, each is searching for another 1…….

your sister,


Non duality as in the elimination of the subject-object distinction? Well you wouldn’t be able to ‘grasp’ that, now would you? Or if you mean some kind of mystical enlightenment, that would be a thing to be experienced, not understood, right?


I wonder if the name of the contributor of the second answer is “Fred.” Fred and Ginger. Certainly they are dancing together:

One thought on “Why was I told we can’t grasp nonduality?

  1. Jim Dodds

    Duality, Ginger, is the engine of the world, yes, but it is an illusion. There is no duality. There is no you and I, just this. It’s like a shovel, which has a handle and a blade; try to use one without the other. There is no duality, no straight lines in spacetime, no coming and going. Just life, posing as me, posing as you, but never separate…


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