Greg Goode and Direct Path. Interviews by Scott Kiloby.

Greg Goode is the author of Standing As Awareness

Scott Kiloby is a teacher himself whose unfettered, full seeing approach is widely recognized. Scott’s newest book is Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

Scott Kiloby talks to Greg Goode about the Direct Path. A four part series with Greg Goode, where Scott Kiloby becomes Greg’s student (along with being the interviewer) so that Greg can explain the direct path. This is a rich path that leaves no stone unturned!

Listen to these step by step directions from Greg on standing as awareness itself:

2 thoughts on “Greg Goode and Direct Path. Interviews by Scott Kiloby.

  1. kalapatapu chandrashekar

    Dear Sir,

    Please comment on these………

    It seems when our emotions takes us we are lost in it, then get upset about it ,what is the solution to it .

    First I thought that every thing arises in consciousness ,but it is not helping ,

    Second if it is true then it is made of consciousness but that also is not helping

    Third to become witness to it, it is also not helping

    Fourth still every thing is very much there to trouble us in turn mind to react to these and get into circles
    Fifth then where is consciousness to help us from this reaction and be with it rather than we out of it
    Sixth do we survive without realizing in this path ,if not then why we can not come to it by ease
    Seventh is How to work hard and make our own the Truth free of guilt ,wrong,conflicts , stainless in all aspects
    Is it worth going to all our problems , if so how to over come it .

    How to get one pointedness ,that devotion ,that trust in TRUTH ,DHARMA, GURU,without them we cannot ,because they are living this Truth.

    So,is it knowledge that leads us to self realization,if so then

    1) What knowledge gives us knowledge of Ultimate Reality?

    2)What is the obstacle to knowledge?

    3) What is the nature of this obstacle?

    4) How is knowledge of consciousness attained? What are the means of knowledge, and why is Self itself the ultimate means of knowledge?

    5) What is the role and purpose of teacher in revealing this knowledge?

    6) What is the method used by the teacher to reveal this Truth?

    Thank you


  2. terefe feyssa

    I really value those questions and points to looked at and explored for clarity. I am exploring to be free even if I am
    told I am free, I don’t think, feel or live that way.
    It doesn’t look that way.
    Thank You


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