Candice O’Denver quotations

Ramon Sender writes:

I transcribed this from

The Empowering Basic State of Awareness

Complete Confirmation of Natural Perfection Chapter Four 7_20_09

This basic state of natural perfection has no obstruction or interruption like flawless sky. All here-and-now’s, regardless of the description imposed upon them, are self-perfect and luminously clear. There is no obstruction or interruption in sight anywhere. Just like in the flawless sky there is no obstruction of interruption anywhere.

Complete Confirmation of Natural Perfection Ch 2

Right now she is saying: “When this continuous soothing energy is tapped into, it will never go away. It will be increasingly obvious from then on. This soothing is something we all desire, something that we all seek in all kinds of antidotes. When we instinctively recognize that soothing energy and power within ourselves, then we know that there is nowhere else to go. There is nothing to do. It’s already present. It’s up to us. Just relax, acknowledge its presence. Nothing could be more natural.”

Quote from
from the book: Complete Confirmation of Natural Perfection – Chapter 1

“I will now mention afflictive states, disturbing states, and their great
equality in natural perfection. Many times we have learned that these disturbing states are some kind of special phenomena. They’re a special phenomena that can make us feel like we don’t fit in. They can make us feel un-okay. This is what we’ve trained ourselves to believe about certain kinds of phenomena. Just know that your afflictive states, your disturbing states, no matter what they are, are yet another very rich source of the basic state of natural perfection. They are the golden key, you could say, to realization of your own natural perfection.

“To rest completely and unavoidably in the basic state of natural perfection is to instinctively recognize the great wealth of afflictive states. The greater your afflictive states, the greater the benefit to you. The more afflictive states you have, the richer you are in wisdom. Have you ever thought about it that way?”

4 thoughts on “Candice O’Denver quotations

  1. Barry

    heard one of Ken Wilber’s inner-circle tele-interviews of Candice.Said her teachings were very advanced eastern stuff,even secret teachings.Wow!gotta see.After several days of her audios & videos,not really paying too close attention to “the latest” whatever ,realized almost all of my nearly constant negativity was gone,for abuot 4-5 wks now.So,folks,wassup w’dat!


  2. Jerry Post author

    wassup with all the weird cult-like endorsements I receive for Candice. Wassup w dat? Are you actually part of an anti-Candice O’Denver movement? That’s what it sounds like.


  3. Lori

    As someone who actually participates in great freedom, now known as balanced view. I have to say that the support offered here is like no other teaching I have been involved in. The trainers are proof that this training actually yields results. The ability to clarify the nature of my experience in each and every here and now, through my own direct experience. A choice I am responsible for in each short moment, in order for this perceptual shift to occur naturally and completely. Now I can listen to all the other teachers and understand what they are all pointing to, the words are no longer empty due to instinctive recognition. Thank you for sharing Candice O’Denver’s powerful teachings!


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