Flabbergasted by Sri Ramana Maharshi

I received the following email from “Ankhaton” :

In the middle of a dispute in French
on a French blog “Perles de Bonheur”
on Nonduality
I wrote an answer saying that present interpretation of
Ramana’s words were corrupting and
equal to the Angel Lucifer’s pov and that
that one had more Beauty and IQ than we have.

Seconds after the above words, here in the corridor ,
I passed an ancient book cabinet
and there fell a little booklet out
of it with no visible reason.

The title is:

and I thought flabbergasted and grateful:
This is a message

So I thought to do what some people
do with the Bible
and just open in the book in the middle.

The text on Page 25 text 21 is :

The scriptures declare that seeing the Self is seeing God.
Being Single, how can one see one’s own Self?
If Oneself cannot be seen, how can God be?
To be absorbed by God is to see Him.

The translation in English is by ULlADDU NARPAADU, S. Cohen
Edition: Watkins London isfrom 1978

If ULLADU only knew this -what happened-


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