Interview with Jerry Katz in Non-Duality Magazine

Interview with Jerry Katz by Non-Duality Magazine

Read the entire interview here.

NDM: What do you teach by the way. Do you have a method of teaching. Do you do satsangs or anything like that?

Jerry Katz: I don’t teach or give satsang. My work is to bring nonduality to mass consciousness in a variety of ways: Through websites, email forums, a blog, twitter, radio appearances, conference development, public speaking, organizing local gatherings, interviews, publishing e-books, individual correspondences, encouraging and supporting various people in the field of nonduality, writing book reviews. Of course a lot of teachers do those activities, and more, too. If I did teach there wouldn’t be any method. I would look at what each person requires and offer direction and guidance that is right for that person.

NDM: How long have you been doing this work of bringing non duality awareness to mass consciousness?
Can you please elaborate a little more on your work and the impact this has had?

Jerry Katz: I first went onto the Internet in November, 1997. My intent was to bring nonduality “to the streets,” to the spirituality mainstream. At the time, nonduality was a topic and a word largely reserved for discussion within ashrams, the circles of certain teachers, and university departments of philosophy and religious studies, and as well as part of the lesser known teachings of the world’s religions.

The best known nonduality teaching is Zen, which belongs to Buddhist tradition. I wanted to introduce nonduality as a broader Zen. To do that, I introduced the word “nonduality” itself and colored it according to a vision. Just as the word “Zen” has a certain magic and power to it, it is my opinion that the word “nonduality” has its own significant meaning or “color.” I have tried to keep nonduality wide open and all-embracing.

Many people are involved in bringing nonduality to the mainstream. I have provided online spaces for people to gather and talk about nonduality in whatever way they wished and have welcomed and encouraged a number of people. Over the years the broad teaching of nonduality and the word “nonduality” itself have entered the spirituality mainstream and even the general mainstream.

Lives are impacted in different ways. There’s a peaceful, holistic, harmonious, Yogic side to nonduality which benefits a person’s life. It is more about coherence and oneness. Then there is the jarring and harsh side of nonduality — the bottom line nonduality — in which our ego strategies are seen through or split wide open. Knowing who you are requires a cutting away of who you think you are. Practically no one is exempt from that harshness since layers of ego strategy are constantly re-constituting. For living life effectively, I highly recommend the holistic, Yogic type of path. Seeing who your really are, which is the atmosphere in which this effective life is lived (and which it actually is) requires that one question the effective life even while living it. It’s tricky business and only those who have no other choice will engage in it.

Read the entire interview.

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