The Quantum Revelation Movie.

This blog entry sounds a lot like an ad and I guess it is, but it’s a good movie too. The copy is from the website for the movie.

The Quantum Revelation! Unleashing The Power Of Your True Nature

Are you ready for a Quantum Revelation in your personal awakening?

If you’ve seen Leap! and loved it, The Quantum Revelation is a completely new movie that takes an in depth look at Leap! concepts specifically from the scientific point of view.

Perhaps, you’re simply inspired to learn more about Quantum Mechanics?

Join with several of today’s greatest minds as they explore the nature of reality and pierce the veil of our mechanistic world.

This incredible new movie features:

Fred Alan Wolf: Featured in Leap! and What The Bleep!?
Joe Dispenza: Featured in What The Bleep!?
Chad Cameron: Creator of Leap!
Will Arntz: Creator of What The Bleep!?
Peter Russell: Featured in Leap!
Stuart Hameroff: Featured in What The Bleep!?

In The Quantum Revelation! Unleashing The Power Of Your True Nature, these guides share an eye opening and mind expanding view of Science and Spirituality merging.

Are you ready to:
* Accelerate your “Journey of Self-Discovery” beyond your physical time – space reality.
* Support your existing lifestyle by enhancing awareness and mental focus.
* Experience deeper levels of “Truth Realization.”
* Develop creative insights to dissolve your inauthentic fears.
* Navigate expanded states of consciousness.
* Truly understand that YOU are the Ultimate Observer.
* Reach new potentials in thought and action as you unlock a gateway into profound forms of perception.
* Discover the difference between “Reality” vs. “Actuality.”
* Experience a life filled with Joy, Trust and Adventure.

Order it now and let your accelerated expansion begin.

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