I am NOT a genius

The following exchange happened on my Facebook page in response my writing, “If you think you’re doing something, you’ll never be happy. If you don’t do something, you’ll never be happy.”

Mike Himelstein Did you write that? You are a genius and I’m not kidding.
Friday at 6:12pm

Jerry Katz Mike, I wouldn’t say I’m a genius, but thanks.
Friday at 9:51pm

Mike Himelstein You don’t have to SAY you’re a genius, because you ARE a genius.
Saturday at 12:22pm

Jerry Katz I’m not. No way. I’m just doing my thing, okay? But, again, thank you for your thoughts.
Saturday at 12:51pm

Mike Himelstein Your “thing” is being a genius. Everybody knows it. You are a humble person and that is to be respected. But you are truly one of the world’s greatest geniuses. I know that word is tossed around a little too easily these days, but you are certainly one.
Saturday at 1:05pm

Jerry Katz Dear Mike, There is absolutely no way that is true, I am absolutely and unequivocally NOT one of the great geniuses in the world today. It is NOT true. I am NOT what you say. However, again, thanks just for being here. Take care. -Jerry Katz
Saturday at 1:19pm

Mike Himelstein All right look. There was Socrates, there was Plato, there was Aristotle (Alav Shalom) There was Newton, there was Einstein, there was Elvis. And now there is Jerry Katz. I think you are a greater genius than all of those bastards. And I’m not kidding.
4 hours ago

Jerry Katz I am?
54 minutes ago

Mike Himelstein How the hell would I know?
15 minutes ago

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