Gina Lake on Nonduality Street Radio

Gina Lake was my guest on Nonduality Street radio, which has been promoted from a summer replacement show on CKDU in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to a permanent slot on the programming schedule.

Listen to Gina talk about how she stumbled into nonduality during a satsang with 7 people present including the teacher. That teacher now has about 7 people working for him. Who was it? Gina talks about awareness, conditioning, meditation, presence. Click on the link below to listen:

Visit the Nonduality Street archive at

This is the concept of Nonduality Street:

The teaching of nonduality is brought to a mainstream audience. The emphasis is on the adventure of understanding one’s true nature and how it relates to functioning optimally in the world. Topics cover the spectrum of human endeavours and activities – from popular culture to literature, from science to social issues, from sports to religion.

Would you like to be involved with Nonduality Street in some way?

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