Jerry Katz Interviewed for Crossing Paths

I was interviewed for the new Crossing Paths blog. I talk about Hooters, the new nonduality movement, becoming a missionary for nonduality, the blue pill, the red pill, and the pink pill. I hope you like it:

2 thoughts on “Jerry Katz Interviewed for Crossing Paths

  1. Hanuman Dass


    Thanks a lot for the interview. You spoke about nonduality becoming a movement. As I wrote to you via email and formulated the questions I posed to you the concept of ‘movement’ kept coming to mind. It may be a materialization of the world consciousness if you will that brought the concept to the exchange between us. I am still very new to nondualism so I struggled with whether or not to use the term ‘movement’. Perhaps this is the natural organic growth of nondualism. It exploded with the internet revolution and now it’s just doing its thing. Movement is just a signpost along the way, a progression I’d say. Stimulating!

    Greg McClain
    (Hanuman Dass)


  2. Jerry Post author

    The spreading of the teaching of nonduality becomes a movement when the spreading meets resistance and the resistance has be confronted. There is resistance to the teachings of nonduality in certain corners of the academic world, for example. I would like to see the resistances to nonduality identified and confronted. Then we can say we have a movement. For now, we’re calling the spreading of nonduality a movement, and technically it may not be so. Or how about when something goes viral? Going viral is a rapid and widespread dissemination of information. However when something goes viral it would not be appropriate to call that dissemination a movement. A movement has intention and definition as a result of meeting and confronting resistances.


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