Advaita Academy Opening Soon

Dennis Waite’s new site is going set a new standard for Advaita/nonduality websites when it opens in a few days. It’s a whole world, really. Expect a light and breezy feel which welcomes one to explore the full content.

The following, from the soon-to-be-old website, describes the new site:

Bringing traditional Advaita into the 21st century

At the beginning of 2010, a Charitable Trust – Advaita Academy – was established in the UK with the purpose of increasing the awareness of Advaita throughout the world and facilitating access to its traditional teaching.

The new site aims to provide a ‘one-stop’ source for everything relating to Advaita. It incorporates the latest technology and will give immediate access to the most informative essays, blogs and scriptural commentaries from a selection of the best current writers and teachers. Material will be paid for by the Trust, thus ensuring regular updates of the very highest quality (it will not, of course, cost you anything to view or subscribe). Here is a list of the some of the features of the new site:

* a constantly growing WIKI, updatable by you, with entries on everything relating to Advaita, from organizations and teachers (with details of their current events), through descriptions of other websites, to explanations of Sanskrit terms

* regular blogs with advaita-relevant facts and observations from a number of key authors

* verse by verse translations and commentaries on important scriptural texts, unfolding slowly over the months and years

* articles and talks from the best teachers and writers around the world, from traditional to neo-Advaita

* interviews with teachers, East and West, conducted by Paula Marvelly (writer of Teachers of One)

* the most popular, and one of the longest established on-line discussion groups, Advaitin, will be transferring over the first few months. In addition to discussion of topics initiated by members, it will be possible for anyone to post comments and trigger discussion against any article or blog-entry on the site. The Home Page will be constantly updated to reflect the current most popular and most talked-about essays

* the Q&A section of this site will transfer, and you can continue to ask me (Dennis Waite) any Advaita-related questions

* book reviews of Advaita-related texts, both popular and obscure

* details of events organized or sponsored by Advaita Academy

* an increasing library of electronic books available for reading on-line or download

* original illustrations throughout by Mark Shaver

* a fortnightly newsletter will be available to keep you informed of the latest additions

Add this address to your browser ‘favorite’ links now!
and look out for the launch next month.

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