What Is Nonduality, Really?

Nonduality today consists of a wide array of expressions on themes of oneness, interconnectedness, non-separateness, and paradox. These expressions are found in many fields of knowledge and endeavor: science, psychology, religion, spirituality, martial arts, poetry, music, art, literature, communication, education.

The desire to awaken often leads to a search and the discovery of some form of nonduality.

The purpose of my work in nonduality is to provide many opportunities for discovery. It considers nonduality as both a practical tool for more effective living and a pointing to what is. My work also includes the deconstruction of nonduality, and the deconstruction of deconstruction.

In other words, there’s both something to nonduality and nothing to it. Out of some colors of existence something is fashioned and it is called nonduality. But what is nonduality, really? Knowing what it really is, there is laughter, enjoyment … and another email to open!

-Jerry Katz

1 thought on “What Is Nonduality, Really?

  1. Vicki Woodyard

    I was coming home from my daily walk and saw my next-door neighbor in the yard with his leaf blower. My three giant sugar maple trees shed right in his yard and I felt a pang of guilt that he was out there because of my tree trash.

    “Hi,” he said, M (his wife) is reading your book and was wondering what nonduality is,” he said.

    “Well, it’s hard to put into words,” I said. “It’s not a religion or a belief; it’s just the understanding that there is only oneness and all we can do is be here. Like Ram Dass said, “be here now.”

    He seemed to get it and I came back into the house. I sat down with a copy of LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT and thumbed through the essays. I love each one; they are fragments of a suffering life, a suffering that continued unabated for almost five years while my husband died a slow death from multiple myeloma. Now I have been alone for almost six.

    Nonduality is about knowing rather than thinking, being rather than doing, stillness rather than agitation, about the heart rather than the mind, about love rather than attraction. And yet it encompasses all of the opposites by transcending them.

    I patted the little book and came in to make some tea. I still have thoughts of Bob walking back into the room, newly back from the dead. That makes no sense and yet the heart remembers.


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