The Music of James Carson

Listen to the piano of James Carson.

Towards the end of his junior year Mr. Carson experienced a life-altering epiphany. He spent the summer camping in the Canadian Rockies and meditating for hours in parks and cemeteries, and began feverishly reading philosophical and spiritual texts. “People thought I had taken LSD or a similar drug,” recalls Mr. Carson, “but I hadn’t. Simply put, everywhere I looked, I saw a vast array of patterns: residues on windows, wood grains, sidewalk cracks, pieces of garbage in the bin. In every direction, I saw a million colors; at times, rooms would change colors and glow vividly. It was so overwhelming that many days I had difficulty functioning. But I also had a vague notion that I wanted to hear music from that kind of consciousness—one that wasn’t afraid of impermanence or death, that fully embraced life, that spoke using the patterns of the true universe.”

Read more from James Carson’s biography.

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