Nonduality Street Interview with James Waite

“I show little interest in cooking up a ‘story’ and add only so much sweetening in words as it takes to wash down a nourishing content. This content is more than ideas and ideals; it’s our wordless Resonate Knowing or Divine Awareness…Reality, Truth, God.” James Waite

James Waite talks about his life and awakening:

Waite’s website and blog is Nonduality Living.

Access all the Nonduality Street interviews.

2 thoughts on “Nonduality Street Interview with James Waite

  1. Lydia Davis

    Your excerpt regarding freedom or actually its lack affirmed my own observations over a lengthy lifetime. I came to a similar conclusion after years of trying to fathom if I had freedom of choice. My own journey resulting in total financial wipeout is similar.



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