Nonduality Street Interview: Dr. Robert Saltzman

Dr. Robert Saltzman has been a nonduality teacher for twenty years. He gave his first interview ever as a spiritual teacher to Nonduality Street a couple days ago. Listen to Part 1:

[Due to technical difficulties with the method of recording, it appears as though Dr. Saltzman is “talking over” some of the interviewer’s questions. He simply couldn’t hear the interviewer fully.]

Part 2:

Writing by Dr. Robert Saltzman

“I” am not my ego, not my past, not my experiences, not my name, not my profession, not my sexuality, not my desires, and not my fears—none of that stuff. All of that stuff exists in a certain sense, as impressions in my mind, but what “I” am is that which is aware of all of that and aware of everything else: the sky, the earth, sounds, flavors, textures, other people, etc. In other words, the next step is to begin moving the identification of “myself” away from autobiography and into bare awareness. This cannot be done instantly, but has to be a practice which one pursues until it becomes natural. With practice, it can and will become natural. It will because it is factual—far more factual than the common standard version of “reality” in which many, if not most, people seem to believe, but which I say, and confess, is a delusion.

In order to pursue this practice—if it interests you—I suggest two procedures:

1. As often as you can remember to do it, say silently to yourself, “I Am.” (which means I exist as awareness prior to whatever energy, thoughts, or imagery happen to be occupying that awareness in this moment. In other words, “I” am the movie screen which never changes, not the movie which is always changing)

2. Begin to move awareness away from thought, away from descriptions, that is, and into sensing and feeling the world without naming anything or trying to explain anything. For example, if I now move attention to the area in the center of my chest, I will sense something which cannot be put into words because there are no words for it, any more than there are words to describe the flavor of a peach. This is called “bare awareness,” “choiceness awareness,” or “awareness prior to words.”

Read the entire article.

Visit Dr. Saltzman’s main website.

One thought on “Nonduality Street Interview: Dr. Robert Saltzman

  1. Colin Carroll

    It seems that within this teaching there is still a sense of duality…If practicing needs to be done in order to make this understanding “become natural” then WHO is going to decide to do it? Too often this results in a strengthening of the self sense…”I am now practicing, so that someday in the future I’ll realize that there is no self.” Pure rubbish, as that which is awake without choice needs no practice in order to be.


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