Thanks to Gary Nixon for Paradoxica (Nonduality) Conference 2011

Last week I had the honour of attending and speaking at the 2011 Paradoxica Nondual Psychology Conference held at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, which is a 3 hour drive south of Calgary. Lethbridge is a city of about 86,000 people.

Lethbridge, Alberta, is a hotbed of nondual teaching, study, and training conceived and run by Dr. Gary Nixon, a firey, passionate, self-realized visionary. Gary is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and head of the Addictions Counseling program.

I spoke to several of his students and former students who are now counselors and they speak with gratitude about having discovered and studied with Gary. He’s the kind of guy you’re either going to love or not want to deal with. He doesn’t mess around. He promotes the work of Jed McKenna, among others, and if there is a flesh and blood Jed it may as well be Gary.

The Conference was well organized, stayed on schedule, and no glitches were noted. All the speakers showed up and each one delivered something different and truly powerful. Gary himself is a dynamic speaker. Why he hasn’t appeared at the Science and Nonduality Conferences, I don’t know. Certainly that will change. For one thing, I guess, he’s very busy as an academic, teaching, doing research, publishing a journal, planning a yearly conference, counseling, and training graduate students.

The day after the conference I was privileged to sit in on a group counseling session with Gary and about 15 of his students, former students, and couple of outsiders who were speakers at the conference. There was a lot of vulnerability which allowed for deepened connections between people.

What’s happening in Lethbridge is the training of nondual psychologists. They, in turn, are spreading the knowledge of nonduality. I was very pleased to be part of this conference. I hope to return. Thanks to Gary Nixon for inviting me and to his students, former students, and other conference attendees for their gracious attention and interest.

-Jerry Katz

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