A Light Unto Your Self, by Colin Drake: A New Nonduality Book

A Light Unto Your Self:
Self Discovery Through Investigation of Experience

Colin Drake

‘By observing mental states you also become aware of the seven factors of enlightenment. These are: awareness of awareness, investigation of the Way, vigour, joy, serenity, concentration and equanimity.’ (The Buddha, Maha Sattipatthana Sutta 14-16)

The first two are paramount and the last five are outcomes of these. This is what this book is all about, becoming ‘aware of awareness’ through direct investigation and then continuing with further ‘investigation of the Way’ (the Tao, the nature of reality). Once one is aware of awareness then one can become ‘A Light Unto Yourself’ by undertaking further investigations not needing to relying on any ‘teachings’, although these may be useful for confirming what one has discovered.

Comments from Peter Signell on the Author:
‘I know Colin Drake through his magnificent writing.’
‘Your words seem to always ring so true to me.’
‘You can only imagine how much I have wished for this clarity.’

Read lengthy excerpts and order this e-book for immediate download at http://nonduality.com/colindrake.htm#aluys

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