Nonduality Street Interview with Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster, speaker, teacher, author, whose website is

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Jeff Foster writes:

What do you mean by ‘nonduality’?

Think of the word ‘nonduality’ as a ‘finger pointing to the moon’ (as they say in Zen) directing your attention to the wholeness of all life, to the Oneness which exists here and now. It points to an intimacy, a love beyond words, a completeness right at the heart of present experience. It points to where you already are. It points back Home.

It is beyond comprehension, yet it is as obvious as breathing, as familiar as the feeling of your heart beating in your chest, as ordinary as the sights and sounds and smells appearing in this room.

3 thoughts on “Nonduality Street Interview with Jeff Foster

  1. Philip Knight

    Thanks, Jerry. I hadn’t tapped into Jeff for a few years and I enjoyed seeing that he’s “evolved”, so to speak. Saw some mirrors of my own shifts or refinement of perception, etc.I say this for I got turned off by all the “I don’t exist” stuff that was peaking strong back then — a sense of disconnect and even flippancy in some parts of the general nondual community IMO. In short, there is a maturation process going on reflected in Jeff as one example.

    I like it. A more integrated, more compassionate or metaphysically democratic/egalitarian integration and expression of all this stuff. A gentler acknowledgment of the paradox of it all – including that one doesn’t have to be (an official) non-dualist or even spiritually inclined to experience a wide variety of flavors of the same thing or Thing. I.e. “being in the Zone” can be seen as one of those, be it through one’s vocations, passions, hobbies, even sex. It’s all part of the wave-ocean, particle-wave dance.


  2. Cary Schaffler

    Pathetic! someone who believes they awaken from a dream but their body is still asleep in the bed is very different from someone who is awake and understands everything including consciousness is a dream….If the realisation of Absolute Reality was so easily obtained why as it been always talked of being so rare! Many awaken to Knowledge/Consciousness and this is taken to be Final Reality, what it is, is the greatest ignorance….I Know is still a image in a dream! Understanding it’s all zero is Final Reality where there is no you, at this stage it is where everything dissolves and ONLY THAT REMAINS which isn’t touched by all and nothing…..THAT is where nothing ever happens…no evolution, once this is understood and then seen….It’s all over in caring about the appearance!!!!


  3. Fred

    Modern non-duality misses the importance of inseparability, Whatever arises is inseparable from clarity, and so a centre or no centre, self or no self are equally non-dual. The appearance of no-centre is equally empty it is no more clarity than a centre; this is real freedom from appearances.

    You can’t practice clarity but you can notice it at anytime because it is all there is. It is disempowering to hear that you cannot do it, because this makes the seeker a victim of their circumstances.

    The modern non-duality teacher cannot state that “You are the master of your destiny” and so cannot answer the question as to why everyone can’t see this if they want to. This is to suggest another power or force outside the person in control.

    Happily Jeff is moving away from the non-dual nihilistic extreme which I believe has confused many seekers and is why so few non-duality seekers wake up(IMHO)


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