Synchronicity and Wonder

Synchronicity is existence snapping its fingers. Our attention is called to our interconnectedness. A curtain opens to wonder.

2 thoughts on “Synchronicity and Wonder

  1. John Robinson

    Hi Jeff: I like your work and wanted to extend this awareness into aging. I am a clinical psychologist, interfaith minister, author and aging boomer and sense deeply that aging is itself an enlightenment process. It seems to me that the non-dual awareness arises naturally in aging, though folks often don’t recognize it. As we age, the contents of consciousness begin to dissolve (identity, time, story) and what’s left is this infinitely loving space that, when merged with being, is bliss and a new basis for living. I believe this is one of the greats gifts of age. I’d appreciate your reflections on this and a review of my work on this evolutionary development. Thanks, John Robinson (


  2. Jerry Post author

    Thanks, John. Bernadette Roberts has spoken of aging in an interesting way. This is from my outline of her book, The Experience of No-Self, from

    Roberts reveals that she had not taken her journey alone, but that her
    friend and neighbor Lucille, who was 85 at the time, had also undergone
    an experience of losing the self. Lucille understood it to be part of
    the aging process, a preparation for death. And the stages Lucille went
    through paralleled the experiences of Roberts.

    The major differences were that Lucille’s loss of self occurred slowly
    over a period of years, whereas Roberts’ changes were abrupt and within
    a narrow time frame of two years; and that for Roberts the mystery lies
    in what remains when the self is gone, and for Lucille the mystery lies
    in how much of her self she could live without; and for Lucille, the
    complete loss of self meant presence in God and the end of her life,
    while for Roberts loss of self meant the beginning of life.


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