Excerpts from Self-Unfoldment By Disciplines of Realization, by Manly P. Hall

Self-Unfoldment By Disciplines of Realization is built around twelve “Realizations.” Here are some excerpts from them:

“The Wisdom Religion teaches us that while in personality we are many, in principle we are one.”

“To attempt to live beyond what we know is dangerous. Not to live up to what we know, is equally perilous.”

“Do not permit yourself the extravagance of any useless expenditure of energy. Adjust to unexpected conditions. Let the expected and the unexpected be accepted with equal placidity.”

“In all your comings and goings, in your joys and sorrows, in your gains and losses, find the Law.” (The Law is another term for Truth, Reality, the Absolute, the unchanging reality, nonduality or not-two-ness.)

“Listen for the Law.” … “Let the mind be still; let the desires be silent; let the body be relaxed; let all the senses and impulses be hushed — and thus Listen. In moments of stress, when problems threaten, when all life seems out of key — Listen.”

“Learn to recognize all ideas as essentially formless, but perceptible inwardly as manifestations of the Law.”

“Of all the fables in all the world, we ourselves are the most fantastic.”

“There is no hurry, for there is no time. There is no delay. There is only a timeless mystery waiting for liberation — waiting and yet not waiting, for here waiting has no reference to time.”

“Appreciation demands nothing but the right to be silent and a little humble in the presence of a great good or a great beauty.”

“As realization extends throughout the departments of life the simple act of picking up something will become symbolic of all motions. First it will be beautified; a grace and harmony will be conferred upon action, and gradually coarse action will practically cease, all action being performed within realization.”

“Realization is the conscious understanding of the unity of life, and of the unity of the living Self with the deathless Cause which abides in the innermost parts of the world.”

You may purchase a pdf copy here


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