Local Nonduality

The Local Movement is associated with being a consumer of locally grown food, products, and services. Like all movements, it is a fresh way of looking at the world. It can be applied to anything.

The Local Movement can mean connecting with teachers, guides, and friends. Does it seem strange to anyone to suggest that we can find friends locally? Not if you spend a lot of time in the online world where no doubt you do have one or two close friends you’ve never met and probably never will.

While it is obvious that friends can be found locally, it’s not so obvious that sharers of the teachings of nonduality can be found locally. Yet it can be done.

If you are aware of nonduality, chances are there are others in your community who also are. Maybe they don’t talk about it. Maybe they’re not occupying the same online spaces as you are. But they are in your city or town.

You’d be amazed.

My suggestion, if you want to connect, is to put out some ads inviting people to a nonduality meeting. You won’t get a lot of people. Maybe two or three.

You’ll get a few more if you set up a Meetup through meetup.com, but it costs a few bucks to be hosted by meetup.com. The full price is $72 every 6 months. Your first year is half price.

Our Nova Scotia meetup site is at nonduality.ca.

When you do meet, keep the videos of famous teachers at home. Talk to each other. You may want to come up with a theme and a quote from a famous teacher, but you don’t need more than that to get started.

Have the confidence to eschew affiliation. It doesn’t have to be an Eckhart Tolle group or anything like that. Just people.

This is local nonduality. Water and feed it and give it some sun and let it grow in whatever way it will.

Good luck.

One thought on “Local Nonduality

  1. Dale

    HI,Opps..lol… I just read you already know about the Meetup website after I posted my comment. Anyway Its been helpfull for my group.
    Namaste Dale


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