Local Nonduality 2: Start a Meetup Group

At our Nonduality Satsang meetup a couple nights ago I encouraged others to start their own meetup grounded in nondual awareness. I don’t know if anyone will take me up on that right away, but eventually one person will. Then another and another. That’s how consciousness around a topic grows and expands. That’s what we did at the level of email forums back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

If you are the leader of a nondual group, you may think that encouraging such activity would make you dispensible or leave you lost in the crowd. And that may happen. So may the opposite. You may draw more attention. Or you may lose the attention of some and gain it from others.

None of that matters.

What I invite is for you to let go of the tendency to hold onto your group and to essentially give it away by encouraging and assisting others with starting their own get togethers.

You may or may not want to attend the meetings of other people. It might be best to stay away so that the persona and style of the new groups are more free to shape and form.

So that’s my message for the day. If you have a group, encourage others to start their own. Release the tendency to hold on to what you think you have.

I like running our gathering with the organizational help of meetup: http://meetup.com. It costs $12/month. You pay every 6 months. For your first year it should be half price, at least it used to be. If you meet once a month and ask people to contribute a dollar or two in order to meet your costs, you may find that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Finally, just imagine the kinds of meetup groups that could be started based on nondual awareness: Things like Nonduality and the Workplace, Nonduality and Eckhart Tolle, Nonduality and the Martial Arts, Nonduality and Addictions, Nonduality and Parenting, Nonduality and Stress Relief, Nonduality and Yoga, Nonduality and Meditation, Nonduality and Gardening.

If you have an understanding of nonduality and serious interest in any field of endeavour, put the two together and start a meetup group. Don’t worry that you’re not a famous sage. Just speak truthfully and see what happens. You might be amazed.

-Jerry Katz

8 thoughts on “Local Nonduality 2: Start a Meetup Group

  1. Jerry Post author

    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for the opportunity to find out about your meetup. I’ve looked at your meetup site and it’s inviting and welcoming. I like how you’re meeting in different places. It’s okay to ask for a donation if it’s costing you money to rent a space and I see you’ve explained that in one of the meetups.

    We’ve been running our Nonduality Satsang meetup for three years now. I feel that perhaps your meetup page could be rounded out in a few different ways. Since you ask, here are some suggestions:

    — Tell more about yourself. There’s a list of your interests on the site, but make it more personal. Perhaps tell the story of how you stumbled into nondual teachings. Connect with members and potential members in a personal way.

    — Consider that even though you’re not directly in NYC, all the famous teachers come through NYC. You might take advantage of that by saying that your meetup is an opportunity for people to express themselves in a group without the influence of a dominant leader, teaching, or tradition. It’s just people speaking from their deepest place. Speak of the value of that and invite people to be part of that experience. That is, if what I’ve described is indeed the case.

    — Define non-dual in your group description. Give a few quotes perhaps. Lots of quotes at nonduality.com/whatis.htm

    — Set a theme for each meeting. Again, give a quote from a famous teacher supporting the theme. State that in your meetup you are going to consider that theme and perhaps give one or more questions that will be posed to the group.

    — Pick up on some of the spirit of the World Cafe concept for facilitating conversations. See http://www.theworldcafe.com/method.html. You don’t have to actually run a World Cafe, as you probably won’t have enough attendees at first, but see what you can pick up from the methodology.

    — Try different keywords in describing your group. The ones you’re using are fine and other keywords such as advaita, Eckhart Tolle, Zen, enlightenment, and Yoga could also draw a different audience.

    — Speaking of Eckhart Tolle, my opinion is that everyone knows who he is even if they’ve never heard the word non-dual. Perhaps quote him in strategic places. “Eckhart Tolle” is a huge buzzword.

    — Keep scheduling meetups. I’m sure there are people close to where you live who are interested in talking about their true self.

    — Finally — and I probably should have mentioned this in my article — make sure that your group is all about the sharing of a time, a space, a place, and a knowing, and really nothing more or less than that. Stay in touch so I know how it’s developing.


  2. Dale

    Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment regarding your Your nonduality meetups that may be helpfull. I have been running a group on nonduality teachings for over 5 years.
    I ran it by donation for a few years,when I could afford to,but I now charge $5 per meeting to covers my costs,books,dvds,candles,web site ect.
    As I have it in my home. Also I have it on a website called Meetup.com, I thought this may be helpfull for other nonduality groups to list on there too.You do have to pay a membership fee,but it gets the word out & people can enquire & RSVP on there. You can check my meetup out on there if you like.
    Im Titled…”LIVING IN TRUTH” .Im on the Gold coast
    Namaste Dale


  3. Jerry Post author

    Thanks, Dale. It would seem fine to ask for $5 to cover costs. While I like giving advice on how to run such a group, I realize it begins and ends with people just sitting together. What happens in between can look like anything. It’s like finger painting, in a way. It’s the making of art, in a way.



  4. Jerry Post author

    Hi, thanks for letting me know about your site, which I like for it’s honest tone, and for the link and for your interest. I hope you feel better soon!

    All the best,


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