Leaving the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael…

Leaving the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, I took a cab to the airport in San Francisco. The cab driver asked me what nonduality was. Being aware of the conference, he said he had looked up nonduality in the dictionary but couldn’t find the word. I told him it wasn’t in the dictionary and said that it means we are all one in some way.

He then quoted a few lines of a poem. I asked if it was Rumi as it was very pure. He said he wrote it. “What happened to you,” I asked. For, clearly, there was a story behind those words.

He was a Muslim who had an enlightenment experience some years ago. “I saw something,” he said. Afterward, he was steered toward Sufism. He enjoyed telling me about his experiences and knowledge and we had the kind of open conversation that usually arises when two people have some understanding of this nonduality stuff. 

“There is only one. It is all Allah.” “Yes,” I said. He said he prays five times a day but it is mainly the first prayer in the morning, when his head touches the ground, that he knows who he really is. “When you know that all this is Allah,” he said, “there is only prayer. That is what prayer is,” he said, “seeing that all is Allah.” We agreed that different religions have different names for what some call Allah. Only sanity passed our lips.

The cost of the ride came to $125 on his meter but he said to only pay him 100. I gave him 120. He got out of the car and we hugged, drunk on the wine of nonduality.

7 thoughts on “Leaving the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael…

  1. goldenagebeyond

    Great, but why did you not give him the full $125 plus a tip worthy of his achievement (& story which you have repeated)? This world is one only in the sense that you both arrived at a common understanding of the manifestly shared dream-state but at the same instant the world of name and form still revolved around the apparently objective & socially mediated taxi-meter. Nobody gets rich driving a taxi since the job is merely part of something which one might call a sustenance function. The correct (non-dual) response on your part should have been the going rate ($125) plus tip of at least 10%. No?

    I would gladly participate with you further on this point since I was privileged to be exposed to a transcendent insight while visiting the Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine to the south of Tehran.


    and no this was not the point at which I realized the the truth of being-one-only as cited by your taxi-driver (who was no taxi-driver at all really) with respect to the first prayer in the morning, when his head touches the ground, that he knows who he really is…….

    You were lucky to meet a Real Adept (drunk and all as he made you feel when indicted the truth to You) and yet you shortchanged him?! Invite him to your next Nonduality Conference – why not?


  2. goldenagebeyond

    Flat-footed in duality there might be some point in that position but still it has nothing to do with non-duality. It is an unashamed appeal to an “other” identity that somehow is indulged by being permitted to give as a favor. In addition the only possible context in which energy-based accounting can be conceived of or “permitted” is exactly that of an obligate duality manifesting as subject and object. The taxi-driver posed the lesson, the passenger received the teaching and in the Eastern-style “taroffing” (the competitive interchange of politesse) that followed the teacher sealed the matter by supposedly agreeing to “take a hit” thereby emerging as the more “considerate” entity. The lesson had nothing to do with duality except to emphasize it to be empty. Any positive or negative balance emergent thereafter merely underlines (commits to) duality.


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