Interview with Unmani – Nov. 25, 2011


Second interview. November 25, 2011:

Topics discussed:

This interview was intended for a book on life after awakening which never got written, however we refer to it in the interview. Unmani gives good advice on writing any nonduality book.

Getting stuck in awakening or nonduality;


Having to teach while feeling lousy;

Her retreats;

The hazard of normalizing awakening too much.

She also talks about guys (and girls) hitting on her in the context of her teaching career, what is behind it, and how she deals with it.

Her relationship with her mother when she was younger and now, is discussed.

Her own falsenesses or falsities that have recently been seen and that are still seen, especially dealing with neediness.

The city of Amsterdam.

[I referred to some of the teachings from Adyashanti’s book The End of Your World in reference to pitfalls of awakening.]

Listen to the conversation:

Second interview with Unmani

Visit Unmani’s website


And if you missed it, listen to the first interview I did with Unmani:

First interview. July 20, 2011:

Topics discussed:

Travel as a path;

The nature of her work with people;

Unmani’s teaching style and how it has evolved;

What happens at her retreats;

Experience and the belief in “me”;

The nature of thoughts;


Silence and speaking;

Nonduality and the nonduality scene;

Death, freedom, and recognizing who you are;

Unmani speaks of social awareness, society, her family, and not fitting in.

Listen to the conversation


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