Nonduality Talk: Interview with Jacob Parece


“Inquiry may take an effort and openness to be honest with yourself. It may take you going beyond the doubt, beyond the thinking mind and to be completely uncomfortable with the situations and circumstances. Even as the conditioning of who you believe yourself to be is uncomfortable and wants to ‘escape’ into the thinker/analyzer if you for a moment within the storm of mind STOP and look directly at the background of where the thoughts are coming from the illusion disappears.

“Its only when you are invested into the stories of mind does the mind have any power over who you are. Begin by investing your energy not into changing your mind but detaching ourself from its importance. This starts the road of freedom from the mind and its ‘problems’ not as an avoidance but a realization that it doesn’t hold the solution to making oneself happy, content and at peace.” -Jacob Parese

Jacob Parece is a new teacher who lives in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He gave his first teaching talk in September, 2012. He turned 21 about two weeks ago. His website is Jacob’s Facebook is The photos are taken from Jacob’s Facebook site.

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0:00 – 3:14 Introduction. Difficult childhood described. Sense of darkness (fear, anxiety, depression).

3:14 – 4:45 Taking up baseball as a way to avoid personal difficulty. Illness. More about family and the experience of darkness.

4:45 – 6:17 Discovery of Trevor Hall ( ) and how this led to discovery of other nondual teachings. The hurricane. New view of darkness.

6:17 – 8:52 Darkness meets freedom and beauty. More about the nature and qualities of darkness and what’s behind it.

8:52 – 11:42 A “successful” life as an obstacle to pursuing depths of self. Being apart from society. The value of feeling different with regard to self-realization.

11:42 – 14:42 Jacob’s employment and teaching work. Where he lives. His website Nature of self-identity and dissonance within society. Why he dropped out of college. Experiencing your own presence.

14:42 – 16:51 The how of “experiencing your own presence.”

16:51 – 19:32 The problem with sincere questions. Using spirituality and nonduality as avoidance of experience. What most people are seeking. Getting to the real question.

19:32 – 21:01 Role as a teacher to inspire questioning rather than give answers or to assign new labels. Abandoning labels.

21:01 – 23:45 How Jacob became aware of his ability to teach. His first talk. (Video is at )

23:45 – 25:37 Jacob’s visit to Sedona a couple weeks prior to this interview and his experience of pure awareness. Nature of changing experience.

25:37 – 27:54 The subtle adjustment/choice to staying attached or letting go. Self-improvement as sometimes necessary. Feeling from an authentic place.

27:54 – 30:13 Jacob’s view of the nonduality teaching scene. Scott Kiloby mentioned. Need for being with oneself.

30:13 – 33:49 Engaging some inquiry with customers at his convenience store job. Watching people at work. A lot of people are sad and not present. Meeting people on a subtle level.

33:49 – 36:25 Future teaching events. Vacation in Sedona. More about Jacob’s job.

36:25 – 39:14 Jacob’s friends. Baseball career. Shattering of his baseball dreams and value of that.

39:14 – 42:20 Jacob’s coming out as gay. Interest in working with the gay community. Current relationship with parents and how it’s affected by letting go of struggle.

42:20 – 47:50 Talking to young people about nondual consciousness. The struggle of young people today. Need for more questioning. Reaching out to his age group.

47:50 – 54:17 GLBT community and nonduality. Jay Michaelson mentioned. Value of being open. Paradoxical value of being “closed off” from the world. Value of solitude. Sedona experience of pure awareness revisited. Seeking spiritual experiences.

54:17 – 56:29 Truth is not the experience but the one experiencing. Chasing experiences. Living a life balanced between waiting for grace and getting up and doing something. Nature of experience.

56:29 – 1:02:03 “I believe there is a choice.” Teachers Jacob likes. Challenging perspectives including his own. Going beyond experience to fearlessness. The urge to learn, to experience, to fit into the nonduality scene.

1:02:03 – The traps of structure within spiritual/nondual community. Undermining perspective. Fear of being judged for pursuing truth. Suffering as a doorway to realization.

1:05:05 – 1:09:41 Baseball career revisited. Lighthearted chat around worldly success and money. Sports and nondual consciousness. Allen Jaeger mentioned ( ) Jacob’s experience of “the zone” in his baseball career. The work involved in becoming a professional baseball player.

1:09:41 – 1:14:03 More on sports and nondual consciousness. Jacob getting back into baseball.

1:14:03 – 1:17:42 Aspects of nonduality and enlightenment as taken too seriously. The need to look at our own experience. Comment on young teachers. Conclusion.


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