Nonduality Talk Interview with Howard Peck

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Howard Peck has been a student of Tai Chi Chuan since 1988. He began teaching in 1999. His classes emphasize the importance of open, relaxed unbroken flow of movement, proper posture and an attentive mind. Howard’s descriptive website is  Howard Peck lives in eastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

A beautiful video of Howard performing Tai Chi is here:


0:00 – 2:51 Introduction. Mention of the Nonduality Highlights. Tai Chi Chuan and flow; body movement and ageing.

2:51 – 8:21 Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan. Evolution from a martial art to a way of health. Awareness and postural integrity.

8:21 – 12:10 Inclusion of music in practice and teaching. A video of Howard performing Tai Chi is here: It includes Chinese music. Standing Meditation described.

12:10 – 18:57 Howard offers an exercise in Standing Meditation that the listener may practice.

18:57 – 25:13 Discussion of Standing Meditation and Tai Chi movement. Relation of Standing Meditation to discussion of nonduality. Tai Chi taught from the viewpoint of nondual understanding and rooted in real experience rather than promises.

25:13 – 27:31 Concept of chi as related to physical skill and mental Intention, giving a result rather than the promise of a cosmic experience.

27:31 – 32:28 Sharing of spiritual experiences by teachers may not be based on actual experience. Howard is asked about the role of power as a teacher and his relationship with power. Empowering people. J. Krishnamurti discussed.

32:28 – 34:35 A story about the humility of J. Krishnamurti revealed when he appeared at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

34:35 – 35:35 Relationship as friendship. Howard’s job helping seniors navigate Medicare in the U.S. We return to this topic later and relate it to relationship.

35:35 – 41:28 How Howard got into Tai Chi Chuan. Aikido mentioned. Taoism as source of Tai Chi. Buddhism as Howard’s interest. Vipassana meditation and nonduality. U.G. Krishnamurti and Mooji mentioned. Robert Wolfe as standing out from the pack of current nonduality teachers.

41:28 – 45:13 Howard’s introduction to nondual teachings arising out of meeting with Steven Harrison many years ago. R.P. Kaushik mentioned. Some reflection on his life and nature of his understanding.

45:13 – 56:17 The interview ends and re-starts on another level where Howard talks about his consultative approach to selling supplemental Medicare products. Listening is discussed and how it leads to a nondual alignment with people. Sharing authenticity in relationship. How sales people can address times where sales aren’t coming.

56:17 – The secret to sales revealed. Conclusion. Science and Nonduality Conference mentioned.

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