Nondual Awareness Retreat, Sept. 4-15, 2013, California

Nondual Awareness Retreat

If you would like to experience a retreat that does not circle around a specific teacher, teaching, or tradition, this is for you. Like Brendan says, it will be self-organizing. There might be some kind of schedule/structure which will serve as a way of bringing people together during each day rather than dictating what will happen during those times.

Brendan Smith writes:

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you with much love and joy this April from Ojai, CA. A movement has arisen over the last months to arrange for the flowering of another Nondual Awareness Retreat from Wednesday, September 4th through Sunday, September 15th, 2013, at Far Horizons Retreat Center.

There is an emerging interest in opening to the experiential possibilities of Unconditioned Awareness, and this retreat is an expression of our exploration as a self-organizing free-form event of creativity and openness.

Far Horizons Retreat Center is an ideal location for our sharing together. Nestled high up in the Sierra Mountains, amidst Sequoia Trees and Lodgepole Pine, the Center is a hidden jewel in the land of Nature’s wilderness, far from any main road, with the deep peace and calm of a quiet sanctuary.

This year you will need to contact Rebecca Smith at at least 21 days before the retreat, in order to confirm your reservation. Rebecca has been a great help and support in organizing and providing us space at the Far Horizons Center.

This year again will be an open experiential space. Possibly, like last year, different groups and sub-groups of people will be traveling through the space, and inspiring in us a taste of pure Presence, while in our midst. You are welcome at any time, for however long you wish to be with us, be it a few days, or the whole week and a half stay.

Anyway…… Welcome to Nondual Awareness! It’s right here, you can’t miss it.

What Is, is self-Aware. Oh my!

Looking forward to connect with You.

Brendan Smith

An interview with Brendan is below. Starting at the 23:00 point we spend a lot of time talking about the retreat and such gatherings:

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