Significant nondual offerings

A brief Message from Swami Abhayananda:

I am making all my books, proems, and articles available for free download for the benefit of all interested spiritual seekers. To download any of the books, proems, or articles listed on my website, please click on this link:

Happy reading!

Sincerely yours,

Swami Abhayananda

[The book on Jnaneshvar is a classic of nonduality. All the Swami’s books are highly worthwhile. Take advantage of his offering! -Jerry]


Rafael Stoneman writes:

Hey Jerry, I have my book Tears of Grace available on LuLu now if you shall ever like to check it out. The link is:;jsessionid=11DE9CDD85939F83C2472B4F8030C5D0


Rafael Stoneman


Issue #2 of One: The Magazine is online:

It’s a big and colorful gift basket of varied writings.


Jonny Drury writes:

“a multi-disciplinary artist committed to a social awakening and have facilitated Dialogue in higher education and experiential learning workshops for refugees and home-schooled children. He has worked in areas such as victim-offender mediation and multi-faith chaplaincy.”

(This is from my new site at

My inner and outer life has taken some severe turns in the last few years and during illness two years ago I started incorporating many different meditation techniques into my Sufi / Islamic practices including Mindfulness and others. This has led to some serious re-examining of my original motivations for joining the Sufi order. Now, after absorbing teachings and talks of over 30 speakers (Conscious.TV / Buddha at the Gas Pump etc) I am exploring the comparisons between Sufism and non-duality, listening to a lot of Tony Samara and Bentinho Massaro, writing a book of my life experiences and starting a wholefood business.

Something revelatory happens nearly every day. This morning during meditation I realised my previous negative view of energy being “too dissipated” (resulting in a huge amount of creative projects) can actually be seen, through choice alone, as a fantastically good thing. It’s only my inner view that requires changing.

This simple, profound approach can provide the backbone to one’s complete life-view and it is this which I wish to share and explore with anyone and everyone, everywhere, in my work, my writings and personal life. I believe my life story as an honest example, could provide some insights for others.

Best wishes
Jonathan Drury
Sheffield UK

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