Hiphop and Nonduality, by Ascience Gnown

Hiphop and Nonduality. Lyric by Ascience Gnown. Music: Hot in Herre by Nelly. Karaoke performed by Jerry Katz at the Lion’s Head tavern in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Thursday, July 11, 2013, hosted by DJ Laurie the Guy. Video by Mary-Jean Doyle.

Here is the article by Ascience Gnown from which the lyrics were taken:

Hiphop and Non Duality

by Ascience Gnown

Hiphop doesn’t exist. Show it to me. And please don’t point to an album, your iTunes library, a microphone, a website etc. because we don’t call that Hiphop. We have names for those things. But what can be named can be identified, it has color, shape, and place in space in reference to another object. So where is the thing that we call Hiphop. Or is it a thing at all? Is it a feeling? An experience? If so what is the experience? What drives us to label things Hiphop or not Hiphop? What is the difference between the two? Afrika Bambaataa says Hiphop is peace, love, unity, and understanding. Well where are those things? Do those qualities exist as tangible objects or are they something more subtle and tacit? All things have a beginning and an end. They have an origin, at least relatively, but did peace, love, unity and understanding have a beginning or have they existed before there was a mind to perceive them? If we entertain the latter then we have to look at what we call Hiphop as something free of coming and going, something that is free of origins and endings, free from conditions, in fact I postulate that Hiphop is freedom from conditions simply because it allows all conditions to exist. It does not fight, it does not reject, it embraces and incorporates. It becomes more whole through allowing whatever arises to arise. It freely samples the world and finds it beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Hiphop and Nonduality, by Ascience Gnown

  1. goldenagebeyond

    Very brave. I like it but: the lyrics as is, are too complicated – you might consider simplifying them so as to be little more direct and above all, add redundancy. You also need some systematic musical back-up (tuned into the redundancy). And the audio is kind of distorted so it is difficult for someone 1/2 deaf (like me) to pickup on what is being said even having read the original text and also with that in front of me on-screen. Bravo!


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