, Hacked and Shut Down

Sorry for any inconvenience but my main site has been shut down by AVG Internet Security, as has I spoke to someone from AVG and on their advice I sent a screenshot of the warning I get from AVG.

I also ran their AVG diagnostics tool which will provide “the AVG configuration and log files for analysis. This will enable us to identify the source of the issue correctly and assist you in resolving it as soon as possible,” AVG writes. “Once received,” AVG goes on, “one of our senior technicians will analyze the files and reply to you as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of your issue this may take several days before you can expect a reply.”

So I’m waiting for this matter to resolve.

Meanwhile, since most of the pages on are reprints of Nonduality Highlights issues, you may access the archive of the Highlights, and its search engine, at

Sponsors will receive either refunds for the time the site was down, or will have their advertising deadlines extended by double the time the site was down.

Disruptions like this are always opportunities to look in new directions, so I’m curious to see if some major changes to will come out of this. Maybe.

Thanks for reading,
Jerry Katz

2 thoughts on “, Hacked and Shut Down

  1. James Mooney

    AVG kind of sucks. I lost my last computer to a virus it let through. Try Webroot. It’s not that expensive, but AVG isn’t that good and if you have the free version, the service is slow. The other good one is Kaspersky. The big names are actually not the best. I’d rank Kaspersky and Webroot as the top ones. Norton and McAffee are not as good, but oddly, they cost more than Webroot, which is better, since they have a big name coupled with an aging product.


  2. Jerry Post author

    Thanks, James. I use the paid version of AVG and they did get back to me with personal emails and I was able to resolve the issue. However, I’m going to look at the names you mentioned when it comes time to renew AVG.


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