Nonduality Network Talk Radio Today September 4, 12:30EST

Nonduality Network Talk Radio (NNTR) is on the air today, Wednesday, September 4, from 12:30PM to 1:30PM EST. Listen at

John Lennon described nonduality very well: “Imagine there’s no heaven, It’s easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky.” NNTR takes its stand in Lennon’s sky while addressing everyday stuff.

Our in-studio guests are jazz musician, stay-at-home-dad to three kids, Dustin LindenSmith, talking about parenting. Also long time instructor of nondual yoga and community leader James Traverse who will continue the theme of family. We won’t be taking calls in this show. We’ll start taking calls again next week!

Listen at

Dustin LindenSmith


Left to right: Dr. Harsh Luthar, Jerry Katz, James Traverse

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