Nonduality Talk Interview with Galen Sharp

Interview with Galen Sharp, author of What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional Living

Galen Sharp is a sculptor and author. In the 1970’s he began a correspondence with the brilliant and enigmatic non-duality sage Terrence Stannus Gray, who wrote under the name Wei Wu Wei, that was to last several years. His teaching was to completely transform Galen’s worldview and life. Galen is the author of What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional Living. His book and his other interests may be researched at the following sites:

Contents of the Interview

0:00 – 2:52 Self-Introduction by Galen. Early life. Search for a philosophy of life.

2:52 – 9:38 Christian upbringing. Gospel of Thomas discussed including story about Wei Wu Wei’s involvement with the GoT.

9:38 – 17:38 Spiritual breakthrough that happened beginning at age 18. “Reality could be one’s ideal.” Life as an artist. Questioning who and what he was. “What’s it going to take to be happy?” Self-image realized to be a concept. Seeing nondual expression in the Christian Bible.

17:38 – 20:48 Discovery of books by Wei Wu Wei. Paul Reps mentioned.

20:48 – 24:03 Nature of Galen’s spiritual adventure back in the 60s compared to a nondual adventure in the internet age.

24:03 – 29:54 Galen’s book What Am I? briefly discussed, more on Wei Wu Wei. Paul Reps discussed and weird and fascinating things he did. Sixties spirit evoked. “LUCK!”

29:54 – 35:08 Story about Douglas Harding and Paul Reps relationship. Mountain Path magazine.

35:08 – 38:32 Douglas Harding discussed. “Kelloggs All Bran.”

38:32 – 43:31 Workshop associated with “What Am I?” Seeking venue in the Denver area for workshop. Connie Shaw from Sentient Publications mentioned.

43:31 – 56:17 Peter Reese from discussed. Vicki Woodyard mentioned. Encouragement of Peter.

56:17 – 1:03:17 David and Natasha Rivers, and Tony Cartledge mentioned. Galen’s book further discussed. Nature of volition and non-volition. Doing and not-doing. Being quoted as an author.

1:03:17 – 1:17:25 Galen’s long marriage. Galen’s sculpture work and its Zen-like nature. Details of the process of sculpture including creating a mold and bronzing and the world of sculptors in the area of Loveland, Colorado.

1:17:25 – 1:25:42 Wei Wu Wei re-visited. Precision of his writing. Wei Wu Wei’s discovery of Nisargadatta. Ramana Maharshi discussed. Humor in nonduality. Lewis Carroll.

1:25:42 – 1:43:06 Killing the ego and Zeno’s paradox. Fear. Can you find a self? More about Wei Wu Wei. “Hot is not hot, therefore it is called hot,” explained. Obviousness of nondual nature of reality. Conclusion.

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