Nonduality Network Talk Radio for Wed., October 3, Now Online

Mace Mealer was a delightful call-in guest on Nonduality Network Talk Radio yesterday. So was Pete Sierra in an excerpt from an interview with him. Amar Chebib, director of the documentary WAJD: Music, Politics & Ecstasy, also called. Mandee and I welcomed silence as yet another guest. Wednesday’s show may be heard here:

Mark your calendar to tune-in Wednesday, October 9, at 12:30PM Eastern Time.

Here’s more from the works of our guests on Nonduality Network Talk Radio:

Mace Mealer

It Is And It Isn’t

Pure paradox is easier to accept
if those elements in it are separated
by time and space.
In a strictly logical sense
it is the only way that
it can be completely
encompassed conceptually.
Unfortunately time and space
present an intrinsic paradox
in their fundamental nature.
Leaving no legitimate
ground for the assumption
of logic.
Thus paradox itself
is left as the primary
basis for the elocution
of it’s observance.

Check out Mace’s book of poetry, which is only 97 cents on Kindle:

Support a darn poet darn it! Mace has been on the nonduality forums since the beginning in the 90s.

~ ~ ~

The Ruling Class

by Pete Sierra

A ruling class sets the goals a society seeks.
In such way, a very limited spectrum of
sensations considered pleasurable, exciting,
fun, and happy have commandeered the mind
to seek only them. This ruling class makes the
mind to reject, or neglect the 99%. Pleasure
myopia needs to be corrected to see the full
spectrum. Get new glasses!

All sensations could be pleasurable if seen the
right way. Don’t let society, and merchants define
what is fun. To an unbiased mind most sensations
and activities are fun.


~ ~ ~

Born in 1986, Amar Chebib was raised throughout the Arabian-Persian Gulf by a Canadian mother and Syrian father. He began experimenting with filmmaking during his adolescence and pursued his interest by completing a film internship with Oneira Pictures International in 2005 and the film production program at the Vancouver Film School in 2006.

In 2008 he directed his first short drama ‘Le Boucher’ which subsequently screened in international film festivals worldwide. Last year he received support from the Canada Council for the Arts to complete his second short film ‘Mish Mush’. The film premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2010 and was nominated for a Muhr Award for excellence in Arab Cinema.

Amar is now based in Kelowna, Canada but continues to travel throughout the year. He is currently in development with a feature documentary on the Sufi roots of the Arab-Ottoman musical tradition.

Find out more about Amar’s movie WAJD:

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