Interview with Billy Lewis on Nonduality Network Talk Radio


photo: Billy Lewis with eagle feather.

Seventy-eight year old Mi’qmaq elder Billy Lewis, a local and national activist for Mother Earth and native causes since 1969, was our in-studio guest for Nonduality Network Talk radio with hosts Mandee Labelle and Jerry Katz.

The show may be heard at

Here are the topics:

Jerry, Mandee, and Billy discuss the recent Solidarity events aimed at raising awareness and bringing attention to proposed hydraulic fracturing in New Brunswick, Canada.

The Mi’kmaq nation and other indigenous nations in Canada and South America.

“The best learning takes place in the middle of struggle for justice.” Taking a stand forces an issue to become clear.

The meaning of real consultation in terms of self-determination. Ecuador giving rights to Mother Earth.

The struggle for freedom is an ongoing process.

Injunction to break up the camp protesting fracking.

“The three raisin’s.”

Seeing and acting beyond duality of politics and native spirituality as a limited view.

The original prayer: “Thank you.” and tobacco as an offering of gratitude. Expressing gratitude without expecting anything as a result.

The Creator as all of creation.

What is enlightenment according to native spirituality?

Discussion of the book, The Language of This Land, Mi’kma’ki, by Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis.

Taoism as expressing indigenous spirituality. Philosophy “as a way of seeing, a way of being in the world.”

“There’s a time to move and do something, and there’s a time to not do something.”

Behaviour of youthful warriors compared to older and elder warriors. Going beyond chaos to the quiet spot within.

Nature of treaties going back to the 1700s up to today, and relation to water.

Taking a stand in our heart. Right relations is not just a problem of Native people. One heart, one mind, one spirit, one body.

Invitation for listeners to be involved in these issues. The Water Walk is being held in places through Canada and the U.S. as well as other countries. on or around Mothers Day.

Water is the blood of Mother Earth.

“All my relations.”

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