Adyashanti Recording and Adyashakti Live Guest on Nonduality Network Talk Radio

Our most recent Nonduality Network Talk Radio show may be heard at

Featured is a clip from a talk by Adyashanti: “We are in our essence unborn.” Meditation as a death, and opening the eyes to experience as “a display of the unseen.” Realizing our purpose.

Also a live interview with Adyashakti (Mark Canter), author of the newly published Awakening to the Obvious. “In short, nothing about me as a personality could be called extraordinary. Yet this does not detract from the matter at hand: I do understand my original nature, as described in Buddhist and other mystical teachings of the past twenty-five centuries. I have seen beyond the limits of conventional identity, into the open nature (free capacity) of consciousness itself. This book offers no special doctrine the reader can adhere to. ‘The Great Way has no back,’ said the Chinese sage Lao Tzu. ‘Thus, it cannot be followed.’ However, the essays herein may help you to reconcile with the inherent mystery of life as it is, and thus be one with (no longer at odds with) the Great Way.”

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