#5110 – Thursday, December 12, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee


#5110 – Thursday, December 12, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee
Nonduality Highlights • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/




Correction to issue #5107: The piece titled “They 
have come to make love with you” was written by Matt
Licata at A Healing Space blog – 
http://bit.ly/L7Yre4 – The name Michael Chilcoat was
meant for a photo on that blog page which I
subsequently decided to leave out. 




If you know you are not the mind, then what
difference does it make if it’s busy or quiet?
You are not the mind. 


~ Nisargadatta 





Before and after counts. The big “reveal” is what
makes people go “OOOOOH”  on shows like Oprah.
Before and after are pretty much “meh.” I have
decided  that these moments of squealing surprise and
delight are pretty much  market-driven responses and
can be thrown out. Enlightenment is something 
everybody says “Ooooh” over and then they decide to
cut their toenails on a  newspaper. That coverage is
somehow never available.
~Vicki Woodyard




Join my workshop, it’s happening now, and it’s free!
Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad,
all took this weekend intensive: that’s how they got certified!
You’ve been on the waiting list thousands of years,
but initiation only takes the blink of an eye.
In fact, just reading this invitation is enough:
Even though you haven’t begun, you’ve mastered the practice.
Hear the secret that was never hidden:
how to use three talismans that you received at birth,
your inhalation, your exhalation, and your heartbeat.
OK, that’s it, you’re authorized to teach!
Now go out and get some disciples.
Instruct them how to bow and gaze at each other.
It’s all remembered in a flash of emptiness.
Accept the truth, you are unfathomable.
I’m just reminding you about your ancient wonder,
the gentle light that melts the edges around all creatures,
then solidifies into a blinding sun, then burns
a widening ring of voidness from the center of your heart,
outward, to the rimless limits of our fractaled galaxy.
How great is the wisdom you don’t know you already have?
Angels get so tipsy singing your name,
they have to hum every sound in the alphabet to remember it!
Don’t send me any money for this.
I get plenty of reward just thinking about you
waking up tomorrow morning and saying to yourself,
“Nothing! Nothing! I learned absolutely nothing!”



Yaşar Koç Photography

A Dozen or So Practical Tips For Better Sex 
1.   You’re going to lose it eventually, whatever it is.
      Take it for granted or not.  Oddly, it’s fairly
      momentary either way. 
2.   Shameless enjoyment is as spiritual as it gets. 
2.1  Celebrate being consciously aware of anything at
      all. Anything. Anything.  God. Soap. Beans.
      Whatever. Celebrate it. Whether you believe in
      the  powers of words or not. Celebrate that you
      can know any single thing. Any  one thing.
      ANYTHING! It’s a triumph. It’s a sheer triumph. 
3.   Money is helpful and rich people die everyday. 
4.   If you don’t like corporations, don’t buy what
      they sell. That’s it. That’s  how you get ’em. They
      cannot exist without customers. 
4.1   Property is the only cause of suffering. 
4.2  Attachment is biological. Liberation is
      philosophical. Trust all four. 
5.   The most practical hobby to take up is playing
      with sound, silence, stillness  and movement using
      only you. No props. No special do-thingies. Just
      you. It  is possible to enjoy this hobby
      everywhere on the island for the entirety of  life. 
6.   If you are going to have children create with them.
      Do things with them at the edge of ignorance, the
      place where your knowledge and their knowledge 
      are both open to not knowing what will happen
      next. This helps develop  mutual respect; no one in
      charge of who knows what is happening and 
      interested all the same. 
6.1  Awe is open interest without preconception. To
      feel it, drop every thing  you ever heard someone
      else say about you and reality. Drop every piece
      of  information that came from anyone else, no
      matter what stage in life. Just  drop it all. 
6.2   “What is that?” is benign. Try it out and listen
      to what happens. 
7.   Pain is not a sign fear is required. 
8.   No matter who you love also admit you use them. It
      makes everything easier. 
9.   Don’t assume the math is something anyone
      understands completely and know  there is a
      relative physiological usefulness to simply
      considering the large of law numbers. 
10. For maximum creative buzz, apply equal parts: NO
11.  Don’t try to win arguments. Just make sentences
      you like hearing. 
12. The less you own, the less owns you. 
by Benjamin Smythe
PS. It’s the law of large numbers. The typo came out of
     the machine and I left it because it felt like a perfect


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