#5117 – “short stoppers” – just stop, let it sink in – Editor: Gloria

#5117 – Thursday, December 19, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee
This is a collection of what I call “short stoppers,”
those pithy few words that say it all and simply
stop you in your tracks. There is no next thought
needed, nothing to add. Just stop, let it sink in.
~ Gloria
You may try a hundred things, but love alone will
release you from yourself. So never flee from
love—not even from love in an earthly guise—for
it is a preparation for the supreme Truth.
~ Jami (15th c. Persian Sufi poet)

See the false as false, and what remains is true.
What is absent now will appear when what is
now present disappears. Negation is the only
answer to finding the ultimate truth – it is as
simple as that.
~ Ramesh S. Balsekar
via Along The Way

A man does not have to go and find where his
eyes are in order to see. The heart is there,
always open to you, if you care to enter it,
always supporting your movements, although you
may be unaware of it. It is perhaps more
correct to say that the Self is the Heart. Really
the Self is the centre and is everywhere aware
of itself as the Heart or Self-awareness.
~ Ramana Maharshi

From Facebook page, “Serious Doubt.”

“Enlightenment has nothing to do with bliss, but
refers to the load you carry — of wrong ideas,
mistaken identities and fantasies worshipped as
reality — which gets successively lighter as you
carry them for what they are. No longer
carrying this useless imaginary luggage brings
clarity and weightlessness.”
~ Tony (Cartledge)
From Facebook page, “Serious Doubt.”

From Facebook page, “Serious Doubt.”

“Disciples and devotees…what are most of them doing?
Worshipping the teapot instead of drinking the tea!”
~ Wei Wu Wei

Once you know that at the heart of your
identity, you are simply awareness, you have
grasped the essence of the teaching.There is no
one to impress. There is no one to follow. There
is nowhere to go. To simply be and abide in this
awareness without hopes, expectations, and
demands is the fountain of peace and bliss.
~ Harsh K. Luthar

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